Planning your interior design project can conjure up all sorts of questions.  Have a look through our FAQs and if you have a question you think we could help with, just ask below!


Q:  I am applying for planning permission for an extension and would like to have a second opinion on the positioning of doors and windows in the new space, is that something you could help with?

A:  We firmly believe in designing from the inside out – this involves looking at the ideal layout of furniture, fixtures & fittings within the room, to ensure the best use of space. This enables us to tweak the positioning of doors and windows at the pre-planning stage to ensure the flow is right.

Q:  My husband and I have differing opinions about paint colours to use. He is quite keen on bright colours but I prefer neutral shades. We don’t seem to be able to arrive at a common ground. How would you deal with this if we were to work with you?

A:  We come across these types of situations all the time! Firstly I would say it is not so productive to just ‘discuss’ colour. It is vital to have some kind of tangible colours in front of you – swatches from a paint company to begin with. Not all colours can be accurately described verbally – what is described as teal green for example can conjure up different ideas in different peoples’ minds. Believe it or not there is quite a science to choosing colour – and once we explain it to you, your fears will fade away.

Q:  We would like to re-instate original features such as cornicing and picture rails in our Victorian house. But we also love the idea of a minimal handleless kitchen. We are not sure whether we can successfully combine these two styles, how would you advise us?

A:  We love mixing old and new - with the right colour schemes, lighting and furnishings, we can create an interior that successfully combines decorative period features with minimal mod-cons, by bringing in lots of elements to bridge the gap between these two ends of the spectrum!

Q:  I am struggling to decide on furniture to put in my open-plan living room in my new flat. I have seen a sofa I like but I can't make a decision on the size or the fabrics. I have so many other pieces to buy so I can see this taking me forever. How can you help?

A: We like to look at all aspects of a project in one go - so if we need to source sofas, armchairs, coffee table, rug, dining table and chairs and a sideboard for example, we will look at all options on a floorplan and put together a moodboard to see how various styles/fabrics/finishes look together. It is difficult to make one decision independently as every decision impacts other items in the room, meaning it can be difficult to commit! We help you decide on all items/elements of a room simultaneously, so that even if budget requires the purchasing to be spaced out, at least you have a master plan in place, and you can confidently make that sofa purchase!

Do you have a specific question you think we could help with?  Just ask!

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